Who are we ?

Colba Laboratories Inc.

An Overview of History

Colba Laboratories was founded in 1983 under the name of Distributions Colba. Mr. Joseph Bassili, its president as well as experienced chemist, was back then associated to four other people. Since 1996, Joseph Bassili and his family are the sole shareholders of Colba Laboratories Inc.

As the years went by, the company made several acquisitions; the cough syrup Pulmosirum, the lozenges Laryngets, the natural products The Root of Life, of which the ampules are the most largely sold in their category. The company distributes the wax hair removers Epil Vite and Bibicure, made of natural substances and which are produced by the Scientific Laboratory of Cosmetology, a company related to Colba. In 1968, this laboratory, which is presently the largest manufacturer of wax hair removers in Canada, put on the market the first cold wax hair remover, Epil Minute, as well as the first wax strips ready to use, Epil Vite. In 1976, it purchased Bibicure waxes. Colba Laboratories has also developed the capillary products Innovation, of which the aerosols and gels are the most widely sold in Quebec. Colba Laboratories also distributes Phytobec products, Foratol and the Cryogenik garlic Sur Actif.

Quality Control

A laboratory for analysis and quality control is under construction. This laboratory, which will include the most sophisticated equipment, will allow on one hand, the control of the quality of raw materials used and will serve on the other hand to develop new products made from plants.

The Research Team

Colba Laboratories has presently one of the largest research teams in Canada working in the natural product field. This research is based on antioxidants, studied in the hospital environment, which to this day has shown very conclusive results.

Colba Laboratories has in its team full time chemists and experienced naturopath. An advisory committee has furthermore been formed, in which the members are key figures in the pharmacology field, having published more than 300 scientific articles. Added to this team are much sought-after consultants, which are not only sought out by Canadian companies but by American ones as well.

Sales and Marketing

Colba Laboratories wishes to offer its clients not only the best products present on the market, but also the best possible service. The sales strength is made of experienced sales representatives that cover the Quebec territories; the products are sold as well throughout Canada. The numerous visits of these sales representatives assures a more competitive service for the clients.

Colba Laboratories makes it a priority to inform the public at depth about the usage of its products. Also, its naturopath has frequently informed the public about the different principles of natural medicine as well as answered their questions via the use of open lines on radio stations.

Colba Laboratories Inc.

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